The Bench Music

music services between a song and an album


The Bench Music is a recording and production studio originally founded by musician and producer Giancarlo Erra in 2005 in Rome (Italy) as a place to develop his own music projects.

In 2009 the studio was moved to the beautiful Norfolk region in the United Kingdom, where it became as well a fully featured facility for third-party music production, mixing and mastering. It also features many analog vintage and modern synthesisers and an upright piano, as a creative space for writing and arranging.

Giancarlo himself operates directly the main tasks and duties in the studio, drawing from 15 years of experience working in several high-end studios in Italy, as well as from successful professional career with his own band Nosound, his solo albums, the collaboration project Memories Of Machines with singer/songwriter Tim Bowness (No-Man) and his work as sound engineer for other bands.

Giancarlo's unique artistic and organic approach to music and the manic attention to sound and production have been praised worldwide by critics on major magazines and websites.

The studio is equipped for music production, mixing and mastering on cd, vinyl, digital, high resolution formats (Blu-ray, DVD Audio) and surround sound 5.1.

For any enquiry you can contact Giancarlo and discuss your project writing to